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All stationery has been made by myself using Paint Shop Pro. All stationery has been zipped and you will need Winzip now.

Each zipped stationery must be unzipped to the "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Stationery" directory (or folder) in order to work correctly. If you need help using winzip I have written some easy instructions. Attention Outlook Express, version 4 users please read.

If you send my stationery to a person using a NON-HTML mail program such as AOL, Eudora Light and some others... the stationery will be received as an attachment. If you send to someone who is not using Outlook or Outlook Express, they will be able to read their mail. They just won't be able to enjoy the backgrounds/music and stationery look. Luckily over 60% of all computer users use Outlook or Outlook Express, and anyone with Windows 98 installed has Outlook Express installed also. Once they see what they're missing they'll usually switch to Outlook Express. AOL users! Obtain a free Hotmail! account so you can send and recieve too!

Clicking anywhere on the following thumbnails will initiate the download

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